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Pel & The Pelicans 2019   left to right

Bill Barton: keyboards, Paul Newman: drums, vocals, Pelham Houchin: guitar & vocals, Rick Mixter, guitar, vocals, Rob Christian: bass, vocals, Gary McArthur: sax, flute, vocals.  Great songs cool band music people love

Pelicans play The Old Princeton Landing


Sometimes you just gotta put on an electric guitar, rock out with friends and blow off everything else. 

Live Life in Song

Grant Baker contest winner at Mavericks 2014 event. Photo by Brian Overfelt.

This photo of Grant Baker was shot by a good friend and a pillar of the community Brian Overfelt. Grant won the Mavericks surfing contest 2014.Mavericks Surf Song is new music with a retro 60's sound that kicks ass!